Home Improvement Contractors

Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor 

While most home improvement contractors operate an honest business, there are those who engage in deceptive practices and potentially defraud consumers of large sums of money. Do not be taken in by promises of guaranteed performances, quick jobs, and bargain prices. Do not allow a salesperson to persuade you to make repairs and improvements you do not actually need or want.

The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA) is a law designed to ensure that consumers receive a fair deal from a contractor. This law requires all home improvement contractors, with limited exceptions, to register with the Office of the Attorney General. You can use the search engine to make sure any contractor you’re considering hiring is registered as required by law.

Contracts for home improvements are mandatory under this law and must be signed by the consumer and contractor before the work begins. Among other requirements outlined in our booklet on Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor, the contract must state:

  • The exact work to be done
  • A starting and an approximate completion date for the project
  • The total cost of the project

Please also contact our office to inquire about the record of any contractor. We can check our database and let you know if we’ve had any complaints against a company.