Farmer’s Markets and Flea Markets

A farmer’s market license is required for anyone selling time/temperature control for safety (TCS) products at a farmer’s market. A license is also required for anyone preparing a significant amount of food onsite at a farmer’s market. All licensed farmer’s/flea market stands must operate from or in conjunction with a licensed facility. 

Sampling is generally not considered food preparation, so farmer’s market stands that sell and sample only non-TCS products do not require a license. These stands must follow the food code and all products must come from an approved (licensed) source. These stands may be inspected at any time. 

All food products must be labeled and come from an approved (licensed) source. 

A farmer’s market license can be used for multiple markets only on different days. If an owner wishes to operate at two different markets on the same day (and the operation requires a license), a separate license for each market is required.