Vision and Values


Welcome to the County of Bucks Division of Human Services. Our vision is a community in which all individuals and families can thrive. 


Through community connections, collaboration, integration, innovation, and responsible stewardship of resources, our mission is to strengthen and support individual and family wellness and stability through a person-centered, holistic, no wrong door approach to care.  


  • Person-Centered
    • We recognize individuals and families are knowledgeable regarding their strengths and needs. Individuals and families fulfill a critical decision-making role in their own plans of care.
    • Supports and services are available at all stages of life and are customized to meet individual needs.
    • Individual choice is honored whenever possible.
  • Teaming and Collaboration
    • Individuals and families are best served through a team approach that is driven by them as active members.
    • We perform as one system.
  • Trust and transparency
    • We are trustworthy and accountable, honest and fair.
    • We are responsive to our community and are transparent with our operations and governance.
  • Culturally responsive
    • Policies, procedures, and actions reflect a system that strives for equitable access to prevention, intervention treatment, recovery supports, and positive outcomes.
    • Culture is respected, valued, understood, and celebrated.
    • Every individual is treated with dignity, consideration, and with the understanding that they have a right to be heard and contribute to their success.
    • Supports and services are provided with recognition of the unique experiences and needs of individuals.
  • Organizational Excellence
    • We value continuous quality improvement through monitoring our performance, adjusting based on data collection, and lessons learned. We hold our partners to similar standards, when providing services and supports on our behalf.
    • We demonstrate "state of the art" knowledge and awareness of current research and conceptual approaches to practice. We use emerging and advanced technology to support service delivery and positive community outcomes.
    • We are innovative, finding solutions when they are not immediately available, demonstrating creativity in problem solving, and adapting to changing environments.
    • We hire, train, support, and retain a professional, ethical, competent workforce whose own well-being and safety are valued.
    • We lead by example, consistently demonstrate integrity, and present ourselves to the public as professionals.