Projects & Initiatives

Bucks County BH/DP is continually planning for new projects and initiatives to better serve the residents of Bucks County and promote the Vision, Mission and Values of Bucks County Human Services.

While we would like all of these plans to come to fruition, sometimes funding, legislation, or policy changes that are outside of Bucks County's control may cause an initiative to be delayed or canceled.

Below are some of the major projects, initiatives and pilot programs that BH/DP is currently planning, piloting or already engaged with.

  1. Forensic Treatment Center
  2. Co-Responder Initiative
  3. Mental Health Court
  4. AOT

The Forensic Diversion, Treatment and Rehabilitation Center will provide a community-based option to support individuals involved with the court system who have serious mental illness and/or co-occurring substance use issues to prevent them from going to jail.  The center will also function as a timely re-entry resource from jail, and as a step-down and diversion from the State Hospital and other inpatient forensic treatment facilities.  

For updates and more information on the Forensic Treatment Center, please click here.